vision_listen #2 (2008)

Duration: 08:00 min. Music: Mats Claesson’s live processing of Arne Nordheim’s piano piece “listen” (1972). This recording is made by Mats Claesson and Trond Schau.

Exhibition history

  • Paradox, Museet for Samtidskunst, Oslo (2013)
  • Norwegian Experimental Film and Video, Lincoln Center NYC (2011)
  • Stir heart/Urolig hjerte, Museum of Contemporary Art Oslo (2010)
  • two point perspective” Galleri Jennestad (2009)
  • Unn Fahlstrøm and Christian Messel Galleri K (2008)


  • National Museum for Art Architecture and Design, Oslo

Research material for the work was produced at Experimental Television Center, Owego NYThe work was produced with the support of the Arts Council Norway


Time-cut-space (2011)

Duration 09:00 min. Text excerpt Henry Miller “The airconditioned nightmare”, audio excerpt Otomo Yoshihide.

Exhibition history

  • Screened at video program at Hokksund ungdomsskole curated by Ivar Smestad and Susanne Østby Sæther.


Pusteblume (2008)

Duration 15:00. Music Marcel Türkowsky, actress Serok Park

Illusion of A/struggle of B (2007)

dyptik 04:00/10:00 min



Eurasion tango (2007)

by Ayuo, 04:04 min, commissioned by pianist Ellen Ugelvik

Concert history

  • The video premiered at the concert venue Blå in Oslo.



Vox balaenae (2007)

George Crumb, commissioned by Trond Schau

Concert history

  • Blå grotte, Fredrikstad (2007)
  • Galleri F15, Moss (2007)
  • Halden kulturhus, Halden (2007)


610 (2006)

Commissioned by Bodø Sinfonietta and produced in collaboration with composer Lars Petter Hagen. It was produced as a result of a two week trip in the north of Norway, collecting material from the same region and places where the piece later toured.

The work premiered at The Nordlys Festival, toured in the north of Norway, and was performed at the Ultima Festival for Contemporary music in Oslo.

Concert history

  • Kulturkirken Jacob, Ultima festival for Contemporary Music, Oslo (2007)
  • Tromsø Kunstforening (2006)
  • Mørke nu festivalen, Bodø (2006)
  • Harstad kulturhus, Harstad (2006)
  • Andøy kulturhus, Andøy (2006)


Listen, I can no longer stand the silence (2005)


I reread the Odyssey last night (2005)

is an installation using an exhibition space with 3 different rooms to create the sensation of a story stretched out in space using leaking sound from 8 speakers and the composition of 4 video tracks. Based on found footage from Godard’s film “le mépris”; the installation captures the characters in a dream-like labyrinth of echoes and memories.


L’anneée dernière (2004)

duration 7 min, music Evan Gardner


Non lo so (2004)

duration 8:10 min, music Ignas Krunglevicius. The video installation was originally made for two projectors and three speakers and was shown in its original form at Atelier Nord 2004, Oslo.

The installation Non lo so (I don’t know), was together with “Hundre runder” and “Passion”,  a trilogy exploring emotional states within the structural confines of horisontal strips.


Exhibition history


Hundre runder (2003)

duration 9:30 min, music Ignas Krunglevicius.

Passion (2004) excerpt

duration 09:00 min, music Ignas Krunglevicius, 3-channel video, 4-channel audio.



Soloduiveldans #2 (2004)

music by Simeon ten Holt, duration 24:04 min, commissioned by pianist Ellen Ugelvik and Concerts Norway